Waves Brand Values

Who we are?

Waves is a cozy, stylish, and vibrant Sri Lankan flip-flop company named after the charming oceans of the island. We are one of the few all-natural rubber flip-flops brands in the world.

In our factories in Sri Lanka, the rubber and a specifically created natural solution are combined to create flip flops that are incredibly soft and comfortable to wear.

We believe that good transformation occurs when even straightforward concepts are integrated with available natural resources. The dedication of our people and simplest designs enable us to bring our ideas to life.

Ethical values

Our flip-flops are not only environmentally sustainable and vegan-friendly, but they are also ethically sourced. We ensure that we engage with partners who share our high level of environmental and ethical standards at every stage of sourcing and production. We think Waves Flip Flops has a responsibility to guarantee all employees engaged meet the highest standards of sustainability and ethics by assisting rubber producing communities in Sri Lanka.


Our rubber is completely sourced from authentic Sri Lankan rubber trees planted on the rich slopes that run parallel to the island's undulating hills. At our Sri Lankan manufacturing facility, this rubber is gathered, processed, and fashioned into comfy flip flops.

Protecting The Environment

We've made certain that our natural rubber flip flops support the cause. Human-made and plastic materials in regular beach-bought flip flops are currently another source of pollution in our waters. We're attempting to change that by providing all-natural, vegan alternatives. The natural rubber used in each of our flip flops provides environmental benefits such as Eco-Friendly manufacturing, Durability, Re-usability, and Biodegradability.


Natural rubber used in WAVES is biodegradable, which means that after usage, rubber will decompose in a landfill. But we go much beyond that; we utilize natural rubber that is FSC® certified to guarantee that the rubber we purchased came from properly managed forests and to offer transparency throughout the whole process.


To be more ecologically responsible and to safeguard human health, we chose REACH-compliant colors and avoided any potentially harmful substances. The sounds and colors of nature motivate us to be here as we love the species around us. Our company is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.