Waves is a comfortable, elegant, and colorful Sri Lankan flip-flop brand named after the island's attractive nature. Using the island as a backdrop and inspiration, the flip-flops were designed to be the ideal balance of a calm coastal lifestyle and the refinement of metropolitan beauty.

How frequently do you consider the material of your flip-flops? We opted to build our flip-flops out of eco-friendly natural rubber rather than plastic or other harmful materials that disintegrate over time. Waves are one of the world's few all-natural rubber flip-flops, thanks to the use of natural rubber. With the ordinary flip-flop producing a significant portion of the plastic garbage that ends up in landfills and our seas, Waves takes a stand against polluting nature's vital fluid that nourishes us all.

Wearing Waves is a far more immersive experience than putting on a pair of regular flip-flops. When you put on a pair of Waves, you enter paradise, complete with stunning landscapes, fascinating history, plants, animals, and people. Offering all-natural, vegan substitutes is how we're working to change the impact on the environment. All of our flip flops are made from natural rubber, which is advantageous for the environment because it is produced in a way that is durable, reusable, and biodegradable. When you put on a pair of Waves, you are taken to memories of a bright region by the ocean, lush tropical trees, and warm smiles.

We strongly encourage you to put our flip-flops to the test. Run-on the sand, in the water, and through the forest. Waves flip flops are built to last for many years of exploration. You will discover the true meaning of comfort and relaxation.